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What's the Big Deal with Emotions?

Scientists, spiritual leaders, psychologists, therapists, parenting experts all seem to stress the importance of emotions. Why? Why are emotions such a big deal? Think of adults you know who struggle with their emotions. Maybe they ignore or suppress their emotions. Maybe they don't know how to express them in a healthy way or at all. Maybe they blow up or get uncontrollably angry. From the outside, it's easy to see the negative impact this has in their life - relationships, career, happiness, marriage, raising children, mental health... and so much more. Emotions tend to be at the center of a lot of our pain and struggles, in one way or another. They have the power to influence our lives in a positive or negative manner. It's hard to think of any part of our lives that doesn't require emotional intelligence. This is why emotions are such a big deal. Helping your kids at a young age to acknowledge, accept and manage their emotions can be a game changer. It will literally influence every aspect of their life. Emotional mastery is critical to helping our kids build Inner Strength to handle the ups and downs of life. This is what inspired this next journal for us. We help kids learn Emotional Awareness and Emotional Management through:



  3. NATURE 🌳

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