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Helping kids find the awesomeness within them

As a child, and even in my adulthood, I believed that qualities like love, compassion, forgiveness, courage, strength, and wisdom represented something external to me... in other people, the universe or God, my parents. It took me a long time to realize that these qualities are already inherent within each and every one of us. They represent the "awesomeness" inside of us, as I like to refer to it with kids. So, the question arises: How do children, regardless of their upbringing, learn that they always possess this inner awesomeness—love, joy, compassion, courage, strength, and wisdom? It's crucial for every child to know this as an undeniable truth. Why isn't this knowledge universal among children? Perhaps it's because we as parents are still discovering our own awesomeness. Or maybe we struggle to explain it effectively. Or perhaps there is a lack of consistent reminders and guidance. While children encounter glimpses of this concept in movies, books, through loved ones, at school, and so on, I don't believe these encounters are direct or frequent enough. And yes, there will be moments when they feel disconnected from their inner awesomeness, but that's ok. What truly matters is that they understand it always resides within them, and they have the ability to connect with it. This helps them bounce back from hard moments, be hopeful and find their way back to the "awesomeness."

I had the opportunity to talk to these Girl Scouts above about their "awesomeness" and I was blown away by their ability to grasp these big concepts when its done with fun, engaging activities. What the parents were saying: "Thank you so much for doing that with the kids! It was such a great lesson for kids and even the parents!" "What a great way to explain this to kids. It warmed my heart to hear them talk about things they loved about themselves and learn that the mind can make up thoughts. So good!" "I wish we had this when we were younger!"

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  • How much love, strength, wisdom, courage is always inside of them

  • 3 tools & ways to connect to their inner "awesomeness”

  • Heart vs Mind: Noticing when your mind is forgetting about your "awesomeness"

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