Our Story

What started out as a casual play date, turned into a deep conversation about why we lose the bright light we are born with as we go through life. Is there a way to keep that light shining bright for our kids all their life? So that they don’t have to unlearn and break down the shells that are created around our light like we had to? If we can find a way to do that, can they have a more fulfilling life and reach their full potential and purpose sooner than we may have?


We want to teach our children things that are not already being taught anywhere else. School has math, science, history, reading covered but what about some of the intangible skills like gratitude, love, kindness, forgiveness, failing forward, facing our fears, etc. We realized our most important job is to teach these life skills intentionally on a daily basis to our kids. Research has shown that these skills tend to be a higher predictor for long term happiness than our traditional definitions of success.

We want to teach our children that they have the power to CHOOSE - growth over scarcity, kindness over hate, gratitude over greed, forgiveness over resentment, courage over fear. We want to strengthen their power to choose through awareness, discovery, exploration and more. 


These casual conversations & questions led to hours of researching, learning, interviewing, brainstorming & creating! We quickly realized many other parents had the same questions and wanted guidance. This got us really excited about creating Hatch - not just for ourselves but also for other parents out there.


We all have been blessed with the opportunity to guide these little humans to be better than us. If we all did this, imagine what the world will look like when our kids grow up! THIS is how every single parent can contribute to changing the world.


Dear Child, 


Did you know you have a very important job? When you were a baby you were given a light. And you still have that light inside of you that shines really REALLY bright. Many times we forget about that light. Each day, Hatch will explore, discover and find more of your light with you.  There are many questions and mysteries in the world. And your job is to find the answers to those questions from inside of you. As we find the answers to these questions together, YOU get to shine brighter.... And keep shining brighter AND BRIGHTER.



Neha & Amna