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Our Story


What started as a casual play date with our kids, turned into a deep conversation about what our kids need in today's world and what we need to do as parents to give them all the tools they need to live a full life, filled with joy despite the ups and downs.


We wondered...


"Is there a way to keep that light shining bright for our kids all their life so that they don’t have to unlearn and break down the shells like we had to later in our lives?"


"If we can find a way to do that, can they have a more fulfilling life and reach their full potential sooner than we may have?"

The answer became quite clear for us… we needed to teach them to focus on the human spirit and soul instead of material and external things.

And we needed to do this in a structured, consistent, intentional way but there was nothing out there to help us do this with our kids so we decided to create it ourselves.

These casual conversations & questions led to hours of researching, learning, interviewing, brainstorming & creating!


And in the process of creating this for ourselves and our kids, we realized that we weren't the only ones wanting this for our kids. Now we get to share what we have created with so many parents.


Our Purpose


We want to teach our children things that are not already being taught anywhere else. The school has math, science, history, reading covered but what about some of the intangible skills like gratitude, love, kindness, forgiveness, failing forward, facing our fears, etc.?


We want to teach our children that they have the power to CHOOSE - growth over scarcity, kindness over hate, gratitude over greed, forgiveness over resentment, courage over fear. We want to strengthen their power to choose through awareness, discovery, exploration and more. 


We soon realized that our most important job is to teach these life skills intentionally daily to our kids. And research has shown that these skills tend to be a higher predictor for long term happiness than our traditional definitions of success.


We all have been blessed with the opportunity to guide these little humans to be better than us. If we all did this, imagine what the world will look like when our kids grow up! THIS is how every parent can contribute to changing the world.


Through a purposeful journal and guidance from your Hatch family, we aim to raise brave & authentic kids who love themselves for who they are.

About Our Founders

Neha spent 15 years as an executive leading teams in the technology/software space before quitting her job. She listened to the small voice inside, which led to the meaningful and purposeful work she now does at Hatch Brighter. She is a mom of two girls and lives with her family in Southern California.

She also is the host of the podcast "Unpacking Myself"- a podcast where each week she unpacks topics we often don't talk about but we all deal with in life.

Listen to Neha's Podcast: "Unpacking Myself with Neha"


Amna worked as an IT Consultant before quitting her job to open up her own dance studios where she teaches dance and mindfulness to kids.​ She founded a non-profit organization providing free therapy to underprivileged parents and has published a Dance Journal as well as Children's Storybook's. She is a mom of two and lives with her family in Southern California.


Learn more about Amna and read her blogs:

Our Advisors

Brad Perry.jpg

Brad Perry

Brad co-founded DealerSocket, a SaaS platform for the Automotive Industry, and grew it to a little under $1B before his exit in 2020. Brad is now helping other entrepreneurs find similar success as an Investor, Board Member, Advisor, and Operating Partner with Ankona Capital.   

Screen Shot 2021-05-11 at 9.05.31 AM.png

Linda Galindo

Linda is an Accountability Expert, Author, Keynote Speaker, C-Suite Consultant, and Executive Coach. Her clients include some of the world’s most notable corporations, health care systems, government entities and educational institutions, as well as entrepreneurial companies and non-profits.


Kanika Kadakia

Dr. Kadakia’s academic and professional career has centered on advocating for play-based learning and meaningful dialogue between children and adults. She holds a doctorate in education with an emphasis in educational psychology, a master’s degree in teaching, and a bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Southern California. 


Ghada Al-Seilawi

Ghada is an Educational Psychologist working with children in schools. Her background includes working with multicultural and diverse group of children focusing on behavior and learning. She holds a Master’s in School Psychology and a Doctorate in Educational Psychology from Alliant International University.

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