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How to instill hope in your kids

There are going to be moments in our kids lives when things don't go as expected. They will face rejection, failure, embarrassment, heartbreak. A big part of getting through hard moments is having hope for the future and faith that things will get better. How do you instill this in kids, or anyone really? Where does hope come from? Is it a mindset? Is it deeper? Is it spiritual? I've learned that it can come from anywhere really. What's important is that kids have a basic framework or understanding so they can keep building their "hope" muscle during hard moments. In the moment it can feel like we will never be able to get past the painful emotions so when we don't have a framework or an existing belief around hope, it can be harder or take longer for us to bounce back from the hard moment. Hope and having faith in life is personal for everyone so I can't tell you exactly how to instill it in your kids but below are some tips to instill a basic understanding of "hope" based on your own personal beliefs around it. HOW TO CREATE A BASIC FRAMEWORK OF "HOPE" IN YOUR KIDS:

  1. ASK YOURSELF: What gives you hope as an adult during hard and unexpected moments? Example: Mindset: Knowing that time heals, knowing that everything passes Past experiences: Because you got through hard moments in your past Spirituality: Faith in a higher source or being (universe, God, etc.)

  2. BROADCAST IT: When you are going through a tough moment and have to find "hope," say it out loud to your kids. Example: "I didn't get the job but I know something better is probably in store for me" "This feels hard right now but I know something good will come out of it. Sometimes it's just hard to see it right away"

  3. REMIND THEM: When they are going through a hard moment, remind them how to have hope and faith. Example: "I know this is really hard right now but I promise it will pass and feel better with time" "Sometimes the universe does things that we don't understand but when we trust (and have faith) that something good will come from it, we get to turn hard moments into magic moments."

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