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My Emotions Journal


In this journal kids will learn that emotions are our friends. There are no bad emotions. All emotions visit us to help us learn more about ourselves - kinda like our soul's way of communicating with us.


Be aware of their emotions: 

  • Name all their feelings

  • Notice feelings in their thoughts and body


Manage their emotions:

  • Accept their feelings with love

  • Calm down any big, hard feelings

  • Pause before they think, speak or behave when big emotions visit


⭐️ Different journal prompt/question for each day
⭐️ Questions with choices / checkboxes
⭐️ More stories - 7 stories including 3 nature adventure stories
⭐️ Nature exploration stories that don't require a nature walk
⭐️ More simplified activities with no prep 
⭐️ More fun, colorful illustrations
⭐️ Simplified and more personal journal cover
⭐️ Suitable for ages 4-10

⭐️ 10 Week Journal, 60 Daily Journal Entries

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