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Building Inner Strength:
Workshop for Kids

Most of us are great at setting our kids up to succeed and achieve. We enroll them in so much: gymnastics, soccer, piano, little league, tutoring, science camp, band camp (and millions more we haven’t listed).


But how much do we help kids focus on what’s inside...

How they feel about themselves?

Their self-talk?

Their confidence?

Whether they understand and can express their emotions - not only when they feel great, but when a setback happens?


This is INNER STRENGTH. And it’s just as important as external achievement, if not more.


But the path to Inner Strength isn't as clear.

Where do you begin?

How do you teach it?

Which topics are important?


We want to solve this problem for you.


So we developed a 4 week workshop for kids on Building Inner Strength.

Introduction to Inner Strength
Ages 6-9

Introductory Price: $47

(Reg. Price: $147)

  • 4 weeks

  • 45 min session each week

  • Best for ages 6-9

  • Led by: Co-Founder, Neha Patel

  • Tips for parents on how to incorporate at home

Inner strength shouldn't be something our kids work on in their 30's or 40's. It should be an ongoing, consistent practice that starts at a young age.


My own kids are proof that kids can understand complex topics at a young age when presented to them in a fun, kid-friendly way. That's where Hatch Brighter comes in!



  • How much love, strength, wisdom, courage is always inside of them

  • 3 tools & ways to connect to their inner "awesomeness”

  • Heart vs Mind: How to notice when your mind forgets about your "awesomeness"

  • What self-love, positive self-talk is and how to practice it

  • Introduction to meditation

This workshop will help your kids be:
  • Confident in who they are

  • Able to bounce back from hard moments 

  • More likely to make good choices

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Helps parents be intentional about prioritizing Inner Strength
There are very limited resources to help you prioritize Inner Strength for your kids. This workshop will serve as a great introduction for you and your kids. Don't leave learning life's most important principles up to chance for your kids.


Helps plant seeds at a young age
Even if our kids don’t fully grasp complex ideas right away, introducing them to the idea and the language helps them easily connect the dots in the future as they go through life.


Kids will connect through shared experiences & emotions
When we learn that we are not alone in feeling what we feel or thinking what we think, we feel better. Kids will realize that as different as we may all be, we do have similar thoughts and challenges.


We lighten the burden of you having to do all the work
You no longer have to be the one: searching through 100’s of different resources, learning it all yourself first, finding kid-friendly, fun ways to explain it to your kids AND finding time in busy schedules to do this. We will do all this for you.

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