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Showing kids how jealousy stems from Fear

Did you know all emotions stem from LOVE or FEAR? I first learned this concept from author and spiritual teacher, Gary Zukav years ago. Since then I have been proving this teaching with my own life experiences. This is a big theme in our new MY EMOTIONS JOURNAL. This can be intimidating to explain to kids because its complex but let me give you an example. My 9 year old daughter asked me about this as she was doing her journal and she came across the question "Which feelings below come from FEAR?"

Here is part of our conversation... Me: Let's play a game. You name an emotion and we will see if we can track it back to Fear or Love. My daughter: Jealousy. Me: Okay why are you feeling jealous? My daughter: Because someone has something I want. Me: How does that make you feel? My daughter: Like I will miss out... Me: And? My daughter: and why can't I have that? Do I not deserve it? Me: Okay so it sounds like the fear is that you will miss out or that you may not be good enough to have what they have? My daughter: Ohhhh I see... We did this with a few other emotions like sadness and anger. Let me explain why this understanding is so beneficial and impactful as our kids grow up:

  1. With this awareness our kids can easily unpack what they are feeling to get to the deeper belief their mind is trying to create.

  2. This awareness helps them stop the negative belief from creating a permanent home in their mind.

  3. When they can unpack their emotions like this to find the FEAR, they can work through their emotions in a positive way that actually helps them better understand themselves and improve themselves.

They may not fully grasp this concept initially which is OK. What is important is that we plant the seeds.

In our new MY EMOTIONS JOURNAL, we help plant the seeds ofthis principle "All emotions come from Fear or Love" all throughout the journal through questions, activities and stories. Order your journal today below. We know your kids will love it. If they don't, we will give you your money back.

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