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Why we need to teach our kids to focus on what feels true to them instead of making us happy

Did reading the title make you cringe a little bit? Me too!

Aren’t we supposed to make each other feel good?

Does it have to be one or the other? Do we have to choose to be true INSTEAD of making others feel happy? Of course not!

But how many times have you done something for someone with a smile on your face and resentment in your heart?!

So here’s the thing… what comes first for you? Your need to please others or your need to be true to who you are?

That’s where this got me.

Somewhere along the road from childhood to adulthood, pleasing others became more important to me than staying connected to my truth.

And now, here I am - hardwired to be motivated and led by the external world - completely misaligned from my inner truth.

So now, I am trying hard to rewire my actions and words to be motivated by my truth FIRST.

And of course I’m also saying this to my little one all the time: “don’t do this to make me happy; do it because it feels true to you”… so she may stay connected to her own magnificent, kind, generous, abundant, and boldly unique truth.

The cool part is that we still get to make each other feel happy. The only difference is that both our face and hearts are smiling as we do it. 😊

…which truly does make the world shine brighter from our perspective ✨


Hatch Brighter Co-Founder

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