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Why Embracing Failure is Essential for our Kids


Take a minute to notice the feelings and thoughts that come up when you hear that word.

For many of us feelings of embarrassment, shame, not being good enough and avoidance come up when we hear the word "failure."

The reality is when we avoid failure, we cannot reach our full potential because we give up or we don't even attempt to do things even though we know in our heart and gut that we should.

When we avoid failure we allow fear created in our mind to trump what we know to be true in our hearts.

Every parent wants their kids to reach their full potential but that can't happen until we reprogram our beliefs around failure as parents.

Why embracing failure is essential for our kids...

  • It will give them the courage to be bold and unique in their thoughts and actions

  • It will allow them to fully embrace their gifts and authentic selves

  • Failure used as a learning process will make them stronger

  • Through failure they will find success

What our children need to know:

Our mistakes & failures give us the gift of learning that we get to grow from.

Tip 1: Give them a High 5 every time they make a mistake

Tip 2: Ask for the lesson they learned from their mistake

Tip 3: Share your personal stories & mistakes with your children

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