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What's the Difference Between Spirituality and Religion?

What's the difference between spirituality and religion? One of my favorite answers to this question is this:

Spirituality is asking the big questions in life.

Religion is just one way to answer the big questions in life.

Many assume that Spirituality and Religion are one and the same, and end up dismissing all of it.

How you decide to answer those big questions in life is up to you. It could be through religion or self-help books or studying ancient philosophers or Oprah or Tony Robbins or journaling or meditation or your life experiences....

But the most important part is making sure we are "asking the big life questions" so we can have a deeper understanding of ourselves on a soul/spirit level.

And when we do this as parents, as Deepak Chopra says....

"We give our kids the ability to love and have compassion, the capacity to feel joy and spread it to others, the security of knowing that one's life serves a purpose, and finally, a sense of connection to the creative power of the universe."

Still unsure but want to learn more? Here is a book we highly recommend for any parent who wants to get a better idea of what incorporating spirituality while raising kids might look like.

The 7 laws for kids, outlined in the book:

Law #1: Everything is possible. Law #2: If you want to get something, give it. Law #3: When you make a choice, you change the future. Law #4: Don't say no - go with the flow. Law #5: Every time you wish or want, you plant a seed. Law #6: Enjoy the journey. Law #7: You are here for a reason. Are these principles you want your kids to grow up learning and knowing and living by?

What questions and concerns do you have as you contemplate this?

What does the "how" look like in your family for learning these big life principles?

We want to hear your thoughts! Comment down below!

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