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We Need to Normalize This as Parents...

There is a push to normalize a lot of important topics these days... can we add one more to the list?

Let's normalize talking to our kids about topics that we haven't figured out ourselves and don't have all the answers to.

But first let's pause and notice our discomfort and aversion to teaching our kids about topics that we don't fully understand ourselves or know the answers to.

Why is not having answers uncomfortable for us as parents?

Would our kids respect us less?

No, they wouldn't. It's just self-imposed expectations to "know, say and do" the right things in front of them.

But when we take our authoritative parent hat off once in a while, we get to experience a relationship with our kids where we are equals, with our guards down, and we get to connect through conversation on a deeper level and with openness.

Having a discussion WITH them versus talking at them or lecturing feels very different for kids.

For example topics such as what is the purpose of our life or what is God or what happens when we die or where do dreams come from are topics that might feel uneasy but I encourage you to see what your kids have to say.

Discuss it as you would with a friend. Be open-minded. Put your guard down.

Being open to discussing topics that you don't have the answers to can:

  • Create a stronger bond between you and your child

  • Grow their curiosity

  • Improve their critical thinking

  • Make them comfortable coming to you with their struggles

You may not be great at handling your emotions, you may still be working on your own self-love, you may have negative self-talk but don't let that keep you from learning and talking about it with your kids.

Don't shy away! Dive in and wonder together.

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