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Tips For Creating A Stress-free Daily Ritual For Your Kid's Inner World

There are lots of places that help our kids work on their outer world.

We, as parents, get to help our kiddos work on their inner world. What they believe in, how they question the hard stuff and how they find their own answers that last a lifetime.

Here are a few tips to help your kids work on their inner world:

Tip #1 - Start small

If your goal is to do 100 pushups, start with 10 pushups a week.

Ask yourself, “What’s the minimum I can start doing right now so it’s impossible for me to fail?”

For example: If 10 minutes sounds like too much, start with just 1-minute a week during which you choose to just do the Emotional Check in section or even just ask 1-question from the journal activities and build it up every week so you feel comfortable.

Tip #2 - Focus on time, not outcome

Be less attached to any outcomes, and just focus on blocking out the time.

Feel content and fulfilled with the time allotted even if 'everything' you wanted to get done didn't get done exactly the way you wanted.

For example: Hatch Brighter is about connection. Didn't make it through all the activity? So what? Were you present? Did you make eye contact with your kiddos? Did you have a meaningful conversation? Did you commit to your time? Well- that is more than enough!

"My inner world creates my outer world"

Scan your day and weeks with your kiddos to make sure there is an emphasis on their Inner World. Conversation, pondering questions together, breathing, gratitude, self love - all these things help build our kid's Inner World.

If you need help or guidance, Hatch Brighter activities are thoughtfully curated to guide you through developing your and your kids Inner World, together.

We believe it is important for our kids to find what they believe in and finding their own truths, their own answers.

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