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Teach Your Kids The Thing Most Adults Struggle With

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Brene Brown, Glennon Doyle, Dr. Gabor Matte, Dr. Daniel Siegel, Eckart Tolle and so many other experts all say the same thing…

Humanity's greatest problem is that we do not want to sit with our pain. We would do anything to avoid it.

Some people avoid it through addiction to drugs and alcohol. Some people avoid it through addiction to productivity or exercise. The list goes on… What does it mean to “sit with your pain” Rather than avoiding or rejecting negative and painful emotions, you:

  1. Allow yourself to feel your emotions

  2. Feel your emotions without judgment

  3. Accept the feelings as they are

Why is it important for us to sit with our pain? Pain and unpleasant emotions help shine a light on parts of us that need some extra love and healing. When we ignore them, we don’t get to heal those parts of us. When we embrace these unpleasant emotions, we are able to learn & grow making ourselves stronger.

So, how do we teach our kids to sit with their pain… those unpleasant emotions?

Watch this video with your kids as Amna shares a beautiful story about a child with a magical garden that could transform all his pleasant feelings into beautiful flowers and how he discovered what was missing because he dismissed all his unpleasant feelings.

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