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Talking to Kids about Death

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Tips for Talking to Kids About Death

  • Ask them questions vs telling them our beliefs - “What do you think about it” “Where do you think we go” “How does it make you feel” (We all found that they seem to be more connected than we would think)

  • Be honest and open to talking about it 

  • Try to be comfortable with the mystery of it so our kids can be comfortable with it as well

  • Letting them know that sometimes our bodies stop working but the connection, memories, love, soul stays alive and strong

Exercises/Activities to Do When They Are Missing A Loved One

  • Visualize: Tell them to close their eyes and imagine the person/animal they are missing - see them, feel them, hear them

  • Share Stories: Talk about the happy memories and stories - especially the funny ones

  • Gratitude: Thank them for what they did for us, the way they made us feel, what they taught us, how they inspired us

Other Takeaways

  • Our last words and interactions don’t define our relationship with that person/animal - the relationship is much deeper than that

  • Something to Ponder: Is it possible to not have spiritual or religious beliefs tied to death and yet not fear death?

Book Recommendation

The Invisible String


Children of all ages (And yes! Adults too!) feel a great sense of peace and joy realizing that we are all connected to the ones that we love... (pets, friends, grandparents, cousins etc... and especially those that have passed on)...through the Invisible String. A string that can never be lost, cut , or torn. A string that can reach all the way to the moon or down to the ocean floor. A string that even anger, time, or bad feelings can never make go away. No-one is too young or too old to remember that we are never, really all alone. 

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