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Kids Can Learn that their Mind Makes Up Thoughts

When did you realize that your mind loves to make up stories and thoughts that are not true?

It's a strange thing to grasp - your mind is a part of you but not who you are.

It's hard enough reminding and understanding this ourselves so how do you teach your kids this?

From a young age, I've consistently and intentionally pointed this truth out when my kids mind is making something up.

When they are scared or nervous about something happening that hasn't happened OR when they feel they can't do something OR when they feel like they are not good enough.

I will say:

"Oooo sounds like your mind is making up something up again"

"Interesting, that is what your mind is saying. What is your heart saying?"

"Your mind is saying that. Do you think that is true?"

I want my kids to know that despite what their mind, others or the world may say, who they truly are is always there in their heart and soul - a loving, confident, secure, strong being.

I was blown away recently when my 5 year old showed me that she actually understands this principle.

One day at bedtime she said "Momma when I was really angry with you today, my mind was making up these angry thoughts but my heart knew that I loved you. It just took time for my heart and mind to come together." She said it even better than I could have! When our kids realize that their mind is not who they are they are:

  • More kind and loving towards themselves

  • Resilient when things go wrong

  • More confident

  • Able to get through hard moments

Want more guidance on how to help kids realize this truth? Email us and let us know.

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