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Kids Can Journal at a Younger Age Than You Think

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

We get a lot of messages and DM's from parents wondering if their kids are too young to journal at 4 or 5.

Many just assume they are.

We are here to tell you that kids can journal as early as 4 years old.

Parents often assume their younger kids can't journal because they can't read or write yet.

We have had many 4 year olds do our Self-Love journal including our own kids and they LOVE it!

The truth is the younger they start, the better! Here is why:

  • By age 9 kids already start forming habits based on what they have been doing up until then.

  • 90% of a child's brain develops by the age of 5. What they learn and experience from birth to 5 has a great influence on the person they will become.

4 TIPS to help your child journal when they can't read or write:

  1. Do it with them Sit down together and read the instructions out loud to them. This helps them familiarize themselves with the format and questions. Soon they will know what to do simply by looking at the pictures and the page.

  2. Have them draw their answers instead of write Kids love drawing. We know you want them to practice writing 😉 but what's most important is that they express themselves through the journal whether it be through drawing or writing. Let them draw! They can even use crayons.

  3. Share your own answers & give them examples When your kids say "I don't understand," don't get discouraged. Sometimes they need the question worded differently or need examples. If they still are struggling, you can also share your own answers.

  4. Remember the value in planting seeds of wisdom Inner work and growth is often invisible and hard to measure but it will come out in the most unexpected ways with time. Our kids are smart and curious and always learning. With practice, consistency and progression they will understand and grasp more and more. Be patient as they learn these big ideas.

Just this past weekend we had a 4 year old who is using our journal in her class say:

"Self love is how you care about yourself"

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