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Emotions are high, patience is low. Now what?

It had been a tough day. Nothing specific had happened but it just felt like everyone’s emotions were running high and patience low that day in our house.

Was it the holiday stress and craziness? Was it not having had time for myself? Was it the kids? Was it work? Was it something else?

Ever had the kind of day where you can’t explain it but for some reason everyone in the family is a little bit frustrated, irritated, energy is low.

I sometimes pause and wonder “Am I feeding off of the kids energy or are they feeding off of mine?”

My little one was frustrated - she was kicking and pouting and yelling. It was a day full of that and I couldn’t explain it.

I’m sure there was good reason in her little body, heart and mind but I was struggling to find it.

As I lay in her bed at bedtime, I felt my body and mind relaxing thinking “Okay we got through the day.” Little did I know - we weren’t done.

All of a sudden she was frustrated - the blanket wasn’t right, my hand wasn’t right, the angle of my face wasn’t right (wish I was joking about this one 😂). I had to take some deep breaths to stay calm and patient. I knew if I spoke, I would either yell or say something I didn’t want to.

I knew she needed guidance but in that moment, I felt like I wasn’t in a place to give it.

Then I remembered the Mr. Potato Head story that we had sent out to our App Subscribers recently. It was a beautiful story about anger, friendship and breathing. I wondered if she might be able to connect to Mr. Potato Head in the story.

It was exactly what I needed in that moment - some help, an assist. What better way do something calming and productive when neither myself or my daughter were in a place to feel calm.

So I played the story for 10 minutes. She was so quiet, her body still…I thought maybe she had fallen asleep but her eyes were open and she was listening intently.

As the story finished, I had calmed down and my daughter had calmed down…I could tell both of our bodies and minds were more relaxed. We gave each other a big hug and cuddled up until she was fast asleep.

Holidays are wonderful but can also be full of big emotions. I invite you all to use this story the next time emotions are high and patience is low in your home. Play it in the car, at night, in the middle of the day.

Let us know if it works just as well for you as it did for us!



Co-Creator of Hatch Brighter


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