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Did Anyone Tell You This When You Were Little?

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

How come no one told me how powerful and impactful the secretive, quiet thoughts in my head were until much later in my life?

For years, you just go through life thinking and learning that you can hide all that, and all that really matters is what people see.

And that we can put up a front of being confident, nice, smart, happy, content.

Then one day, we learn or realize that what truly matters is those quiet thoughts in our mind.

And our external reality - the life in front of us - the calm or the turmoil is actually a reflection of those thoughts in our mind... the thoughts that we thought we could hide and conceal.

So what we think is private, hidden, invisible actually has the most influence on our life!

This can be good and bad.

The good part is that this means we have control over our lives but this also means that nothing gets past "life" or "the universe."

It demands and requires that we refine and improve our thoughts, the core of who we are, the deeper parts of us.

Imagine if all our kids learned this earlier in life than we did so they can:

  • Live more authentically

  • Have more peace and calm in their minds

  • Be more confident in who they are

Let's make sure of this and not leave it up to chance.

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