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Looking Ahead into 2020 with Gratitude

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Here are some Wisdom Bites from our discussions with Hatch Moms around this topic:


  • Finding the smaller, more specific, often unnoticed things to be grateful for is a game changer. Example: I am grateful for the lady at the grocery store who let me in front of her while I was in a hurry, I am grateful for my aunt for making dinner today.

  • Writing down what you are grateful for is more impactful than just saying it in your head.

  • You cannot be grateful and stressed out/unhappy at the same time.

TIP: When you feel a negative emotion, try reminding yourself of 3 specific things you are grateful for! Notice your body chemicals do their magic and your state will change.

Big Ah-Ha's for 2019

  • How important vibrations and energy is in everything we do

  • Lack of boundaries with technology can disrupt authentic connection 

  • Realizing the effects of generational parenting and our responsibility in changing any mentally unhealthy habits now so our children don't carry the "gene"

  • The importance of self-care in order to fulfill all of the other roles we hold in a positive way

Looking Ahead into 2020

  • How do we specifically prioritize: CHILDREN, SPOUSE, ME, WORK... If you were to number in 1, 2, 3, 4... how did you prioritize these things in 2019? How would you like to prioritize it in 2020?

  • The takeaways from this discussion were mind and heart-opening. Hatched into some deep, real, personal stuff here. 

Other Highlights

  • You cannot be anxious & present at the same time. When feeling anxious, try to bring your attention to what you are doing at that moment.

  • "Life is a series of choices". It is important to teach our kids that their choices make their life.

TIP: Highlight this life skill by speaking to your child with language such as 'That was a great choice." "I don't know if that is a wise choice."

  • We are the transitional generation. Our kids will be better because they will know the good and the bad. They will know the effects of social media, certain foods, mindsets etc. 

  • Many of us who embrace spirituality but not necessarily a specific religion, use a universal God or Higher Being to enforce Universal Truths such as kindness, giving, love, patience, etc.

Further Reading

Other Helpful Tools & Resources:

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