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Back to School in a "Conscious" Way

Back to School we go! We started school this week and it's always bittersweet.

On one hand, you are excited to have some routine and free time for yourself but on the other, you miss having them home. We seem to want it all huh? At least I do!

Our kids spend a lot of time at school for those of us who are not homeschooling. It can feel like you don't have control over what they are exposed to, the influences around them, how they are talked to or treated, etc.... and that can be hard. Especially when you yourself are very conscious about doing what you can to raise authentic, conscious kids whose light is shining as bright as possible. Many educators have become "conscious" and great about incorporating Inner Success along with the grades and external successes but we still have a long way to go... so what can you do as a parent to navigate this? I've had many conversations around this with our friend Komal Shah who is an author and educational consultant working with parents and educators to bring consciousness into the classroom.If you have ever wondered:

“How can I support my child in a conscious way as they navigate the traditional school system?”

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