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Are Your Kids Happy Naturally Or Artificially?

We can feel happiness naturally from habits we have cultivated OR it can come from artificial sources.

The challenge for our kids today is that they are surrounded by artificial, temporary ways to boost their happiness. For example:

  • Likes and follows on social media

  • Rewards in video games

  • Drugs and alcohol

When our kid's happiness is primarily coming from these artificial sources, it becomes harder and harder for them to feel real happiness and feel happiness for longer periods of time. They become dependent on these artificial, temporary ways of feeling happy. Teaching our kids habits that will help boost their happiness hormones in a healthy, sustainable, natural way is a MUST for all parents.

4 Ways the Hatch Self-Love Journal helps boost happiness hormones for kids naturally:

1. Confidence & Self-Love - boosts serotonin

2. Breathing - boosts endorphins

3. Healthy Relationships - boosts oxytocin

4. Journaling Goals with Surprise Celebrations Each Week - boosts dopamine

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