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A Lesson on Self-Love From a Dog? How?

Profound life lessons can come from unexpected places, not just school or books or our parents.

I was recently left speechless when my 5-year old shared what our little foster puppy taught her.

Me and my two daughters sat quietly as we drove home from saying goodbye to this bundle of joy and love after fostering him for 6 weeks.

The silence was filled with feelings of sadness and the beautiful memories we had with him but also excitement for him to be with his forever family.

I wondered "What did this lil' guy teach me? How did he influence my life for the better?" I decided to ask my kids to see if they had any thoughts.

After thinking for a few seconds my youngest said

"Mylo taught me that if someone does something you don't like, it's ok to speak up."

Oh wow - how did he teach you that?

"When we picked him up or did something he didn't like he would growl or bark so I learned that if someone does that to me then I shouldn't be scared to speak up but do it in a nice way."

3 Things I Realized From Her Answer:

1. Focusing on a topic like self-love consistently, works ! - All the conversations, all the stories, all the journaling we have been doing around self-love, is slowly becoming a part of how she thinks, behaves and experiences the world.

2. She is making her own connections - She is making her own connections between what she is learning and what she is experiencing in the world.

3. Life is constantly teaching us, if we listen - We have to be open to learn from anyone, anything and anytime. Life itself can be one of our greatest teachers.

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