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6 Relevant Messages Mister Rogers Shared 50 Years Ago

We are big fans over here of Fred Rogers (creator & host of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood from "back in the day".

50 years ago he was passionate about teaching kids about themselves, others & the world around them.

He talked about things that are just now becoming more common with parents & schools. He made it his life's mission to spread these messages.

Every movement takes time to influence significant change. It starts off really slow and then one day (or even decades later) it clicks and becomes mainstream because of people like Fred Rogers who believe in something with all of their being.

Thank you Mister Rogers for being on this mission even when it wasn't popular and for laying down the groundwork for so many of us!

Click here to read & watch these 6 messages from Mister Rogers

1. Feeling good about who we are

2. Feelings are ok to talk about

3. Respecting those around us

4. Importance of wonder & curiosity

5. Dealing with fear tied to new experiences

6. Talking about the difficult topics

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