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5-Step Process To Embrace Our Emotions

A big part of growing personally and spiritually is learning to observe our emotions in a detached manner and taking a moment to truly understand them.

"You cannot align your personality with your soul without becoming conscious of your emotions." - Gary Zukav

But it's hard to step back when you are in the midst of feeling strong emotions. Does it mean we are failing if we can't control our emotions in the moment? Absolutely not!

Simply being aware is powerful, even if we can't control the emotions.

A lot of us perceive emotions as "bad" because we were told to "calm down" or "stop crying." This couldn't be furthest from the truth. Emotions are good. They are our friends. They are a message from our soul.

Learning to embrace emotions can be one of the most powerful tools we use throughout our life. In this blog, we give parents a quick exercise to learn from emotions.

After all, the best way to guide and teach our kids is when we have tested out and embraced the tools as well.

DID YOU KNOW? Emotions are our soul’s way of speaking to us. It is information about ourselves to help us learn and grow. Below are the 5-step process to embrace our emotions.


STEP 1: Grown ups, think of a time where you felt some strong emotions - joy, jealousy, anger, defeated. Close your eyes and go back to that time.

STEP 2: Think about what you were THINKING when you were going through this emotion.

STEP 3: Think about what you were SAYING when you were going through this emotion.

STEP 4: Think about how you BEHAVED when you were going through this emotion.

STEP 5: Knowing that the emotions you felt was your friend and a message from your soul, how do you see the situation differently? What would you do different? What was the message from your soul?

GOAL: To accept and welcome our emotions. To be excited about what we will learn when they visit

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