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3 Tips On Nurturing Your Child's Curiosity

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Curiosity is a word that gets thrown around a lot. Exactly what is it though?

According to the all-knowing Webster, curiosity is 'the desire to know'.

Got it! So how do we instill that in our kiddos? Below is a fool-proof checklist we came up with:

1. Ask questions

2. Ask questions

3. Ask questions

Just kidding... (kind of).

No, but in all seriousness...

Research shows 'the more curious the child, the more likely he or she may be to perform better in school -- regardless of economic background.'

This is HUGE! So, now for the real checklist...

Tip #1 - Ask questions FIRST...

Even when you know the answer!

Hatch Kiddo: How are candles made?

Hatch Parent: I wonder! How do you think they are made?

Tip #2 - Create open spaces for 'WONDER' daily...

Even if all the other kids have activities piled on to their daily schedules!

Hatch Kiddo: What are we doing after school today?

Hatch Parent: We are going to visit our backyard and see what magical changes nature brought to our trees and flowers.

Tip #3 - Embrace making mistakes and let them figure it out...

Even if you can do it faster and better!

Hatch Kiddo is trying to put a screwdriver into a screw and it is taking forever!!!

Hatch Parent (applies all the patience they possibly can and avoids giving any tips or help): Wow, I love your persistence. You are not giving up.

Hatch Kiddo figures out his/her own creative way to make it work that the Parent may have never thought of.

Creative Problem Solving Skills - CHECK!

Cherry on top?

Curiosity becomes a way of life for your family. Even the grown-ups get to re-examine their own thoughts and beliefs through this process.

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