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Helping Kids Build Inner Strength
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Come See Who We Are...
Inside Our Self-Love Journal

Our Self-Love Journal is based on proven teaching methods for kids and research on what helps kids thrive.


We worked with numerous educators, child therapists and parents to ensure we are teaching important principles in a fun and engaging way.

What makes the Hatch Brighter Journals unique?
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One Topic

Focused on one topic for 70 days to help kids gain an in-depth understanding of the topic.



Each week, the kids will go deeper on a topic similar to how they learn Math or Reading.



Includes easy activities for kids & parents to do together (read a story, a nature adventure or have a conversation).



We leverage technology to help parents stay connected to what their kids are learning. 

We believe in encouraging kids to THINK, FEEL & REFLECT through
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Nature Walks



What parents are saying...
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“I love that she was able to express her feelings. The journal helped us identify her feelings and gave me the opportunity to ask her why she felt that way. I had to write it down because she was so articulate.”

Mom of 6 Year Old

Make it a whole family experience

The real magic happens when the grown ups and kids learn together.


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In this journal kids will learn that emotions are our friends. There are no bad emotions. All emotions visit us to help us learn more about ourselves - kinda like our soul's way of communicating with us.


Dear Kids of the World

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Did you know you have a very important job? Your job is to know who you are, love who you are and be true to who you are.


When you were born, you were given a special light that shines really REALLY bright inside of you. You still have this light inside of you but sometimes we forget about our light or our light becomes dim.


How does this happen? 

Well there are moments where we forget how strong, brave, loved, smart we are. Or we aren’t being true to who we are. When this happens our light gets covered with shells like an egg, and our light gets dim.


But don’t worry! Together, each week we will explore, discover and find more of your light by using this journal to answer questions and learn more about your “Inner World.” 

And as you do, you will HATCH through these shells and your light shines BRIGHTER!



Hatch Brighter

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