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Hatch Brighter Journal
How to Build A Habit of Self-Love


The Hatch Brighter journal helps kids create a habit of Self-Love from a young age. They will learn to build confidence, embrace mistakes, foster relationships, be kind and increase their overall happiness by learning to love themselves just the way they are.

Each week in the journal your kids can:

  • Fill out up to six daily journal entries

  • Strengthen their self-love

  • Reflect on their emotions

  • Breathe & quiet the mind

  • Practice gratitude

  • Connect with a grown up by doing an activity:

    • Read a Hatch Brighter original story

    • Reflect on questions & have a conversation

    • Nature walks


  • 2 1/2 Month Journal

  • 60 Daily Entries

  • 4 Self-Love Stories

  • 2 Nature Activities

  • 4 Conversation / Questions

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