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Let's teach our kids the habit of self-love
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What do parents want for their kids?

Parents often say they want their kids to be confident, kind, happy, and independent that’s why we decided to dig deeper to find the foundation of what parents want for their kids. And guess what we found? Parents want their kids to...

Have a strong sense of self-love

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Be more mindful when speaking to ourselves

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Develop a positive image of ourselves

What inspired us to create this journal?

We became passionate about making it easy for parents to create a habit of self-love from a young age. Just like it’s not enough to talk about Gratitude once a year during Thanksgiving, creating a habit of Self-Love is something that needs to be integrated in how we speak, think and behave as a family. 


Practicing self-love is not a one time thing. It’s a lifetime practice that starts at a young age and this can only happen if we focus on it for an extended time. 


We are committed to providing you with resources and tips so you can easily incorporate self-love into your nature walks, stories and conversations. 

Inside Our Self-Love Journal

Our Self-Love Journal is based on proven teaching methods for kids and research on what helps kids thrive.


We worked with numerous educators, child therapists and parents to ensure we are teaching important principles in a fun and engaging way.

What makes the Hatch Brighter Journal unique?

Our kids learn math, science and the alphabet in a structured, consistent manner so why should the topic of Self-Love be any different?

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One Topic

Focused on Self-Love for 70 days to help kids gain an in-depth understanding of the topic.



Each week, the kids will go deeper on the topic of Self-Love similar to how they learn Math or Reading.



Include easy activities for kids & parents to do together (read a story, take a nature walk, or have a conversation).



We leverage technology to help parents stay connected to what their kids are learning. 

What parents are saying...
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“I haven't seen anything that teaches life skills and targets a young audience the way Hatch does. Everything has been carefully and thoughtfully curated. They use words that challenge children's vocabulary but also break it down in a way that they can understand.”

Kanika, Mom & Educator

Make it a whole family experience

The real magic happens when the grown ups and kids learn together.


Buy the Journal and add our Companion App Subscription so you can easily stay connected to what your kids are learning. 


The subscription makes the Hatch Brighter experience a WHOLE FAMILY experience.

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