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Get Our Journal Companion

Make It A Whole Family Experience

FREE for a limited time !!

Have you ever purchased a book or journal for your kids that ended up collecting dust?




This often happens because of 2 reasons:


Reason #1: Starting something new feels like a bigger task than it often is. It’s unfamiliar and it’s not easy adding something new to our routine.


Reason #2: We forget… with our already full schedules and long lists of things to do.

We want to make sure these things don’t get in the way of you and your kids getting the most out of the journal. 

That is why we created a Grown Up Companion.

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Each week you get:

🔆 A text reminder and the low down for what's coming up in the journal

🔆 A fun, quick tip to involve the entire family


PLUS get access to:

🔆 Audio stories for you and your kids to listen to

🔆 Printables - Parent Guides, Worksheets

** Texts will be sent for 12 weeks
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