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Emotions Part 1 - Printable

Aware of My Feelings PDF Bundle Days 1-5

Ages 4-8



Being Aware of Your Emotions is the first step in helping kids develop their Emotional Intelligence. In this Bundle we will guide your children to become aware of, understand and embrace their feelings.

This Bundle includes 5 days of activities for Parent & Child to do together - 10 minutes each. Each day your children or students will get:


  • To explore how they are feeling today

  • Breathe & visualize

  • fun activity - storytelling, going in nature, crafts or pretend play

  • A daily affirmation

  • To practice their Gratitude muscle

Each day of this 5 Day Bundle will progress & develop to help our kids truly be aware of their feelings:


Day 1 drawing activity starts with awareness around their emotions. 

Day 2 is focused on creating a connection with nature by exploring feelings in animals & nature.


Day 3 is a game focused on identifying and naming our different feelings.


Day 4 is story on why we should embrace our feelings and not force them to go away.


Day 5 is a craft that helps kids see their feelings as their buddies. 


Insightful guides for parents and teachers included.


This is a digital product. 

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