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Race Consciousness PDF Bundle (Days 1-5)

Talking to younger kids about human differences, race as well as inclusiveness can be overwhelming. In this Kit we will guide you and your kids through creating acceptance and comfort around our differences. 



This Kit includes 5 days of of activities - 10 minutes each. Each day your children or students will get:


  • To explore how they are feeling today
  • Breathe & visualize
  • A fun activity - storytelling, going in nature, crafts or pretend play
  • A daily affiirmation
  • To practice their Gratitude muscle


    Each day of this 5 Day Collection will progress & develop to help our kids become more race conscious:


    Day 1 activity starts with race awareness. 

    Day 2 is focused on creating a connection with the colors of the human race in nature. 

    Day 3 is a story focused on being comfortable with our differences.

    Day 4 is an art activity showing our kids how we are all connected to Mother Nature.

    Day 5 is an activity that helps kids realize all the people of the world should be celebrated and represented equally.


    Insightful guides for parents and teachers included.


    This is a digital product. 


    Race Consciousness PDF Bundle (Days 1-5)

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