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How Self-Love Helped My Daughter Take Feedback Positively

The topic of "Self-Love" isn't as popular as "Gratitude" or "Growth Mindset" or "Resilience" when it comes to resources for kids.

The more popular topics with parents often tend to be the ones where a direct connection can be made to "success" and ones that have become buzzwords in the parenting space such as "Growth Mindset."

But we didn't want to jump on the bandwagon of buzzwords and a popular topic just to sell a product (some may call that naive 🤷🏻‍♀️).

We wanted to create something that was missing and very much needed for this next generation of kids.

So when we decided to take on "Self-Love," we knew we had our hands full.

Not only did we need to spread the word about our journal but we also needed to share information on why the topic of Self-Love matters as we raise our kids.

Good thing we love challenges over here 😜

Today I'm sharing something that happened with my daughter and how Self-Love influenced how she took feedback from me.

Check it out 👇🏼

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