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Talk Around Town

I haven’t seen anything that teaches life skills...

and targets a young audience the way Hatch does. All activities in each of the life skills have been carefully and thoughtfully curated.

They use words that challenge children’s vocabulary but also breaks it down in a way that they can understand.

Kanika (mom of 4yr old & 6yr old)

I learned why my son is afraid of making mistakes...

Hatch gave me the opportunity to tell him that we will both work on not being afraid of making mistakes together. Prior to Hatch, I would have never thought to ask him how he feels when he makes mistakes.

It also surprised me when his mind was blown that even grown ups make mistakes. I think sharing that with him made him feel less afraid to make mistakes….I love doing these exercises!  Anytime I’m doing Hatch or talking about Hatch, I feel a positive, uplifting energy no matter how my day is going or has gone. I see that in my son too.

Palak (mom of 3yr old & 6yr old)

I had no idea that an incident between my son...

and his cousin was still festering in his mind from 2 weeks ago until he drew the pictures about ‘making a mistake’ while doing a Hatch activity. Knowing that it was still bothering him allowed me to have a conversation with him about it and help him through it.

Tasnim (mom of 4yr old & 6yr old)

It was so good to have meaningful conversations...


with my kids for 10 minutes instead of “did you do your homework” or “what do you want for lunch.

Avani (mom of 8yr old & 12yr old)

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