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So good to know we are not the only ones who think this is important!!

When I had kids, I started feeling this immense pressure over making sure I was teaching my kids the right things. Are they in the right activities? Are they going to fall behind? Am I giving them all the tools and resources to make them successful?

It can be so overwhelming as a parent because we want to give our kids the best. 

There are so many things out there telling you what to do, how to do it, when to do it. It can be overwhelming. 


So how are you supposed to know what is most important? 


For me - I had to ask myself - what has helped me the most throughout my life? No matter what situation or emotions I was dealing with, what helped me the most over and over again? 


The answer was my inner work. Working on the voice in my head, tackling my fears, finding self love, being grateful - that is what consistently helped me. 


That’s when it hit me - THAT is the most important thing I can teach my kids - developing inner strength.


They are going to get the schooling and music lessons and sports - we are already wired to make sure our kids are exposed to all of that and there are many places and people they can get that from.

I realized I was the only one who could give them the tools and guidance on developing their inner strength. 


But how do I teach my kids all the concepts in all the books I’ve read throughout my life that have helped me with this? I don’t have time to spend hours reading it again and then translating it into kidspeak and fun activities.


How do I make sure I teach all the principles around the big topics in a structured, organized and consistent way? How do I hold myself accountable and make sure this is a priority?


To answer these questions, we spent a year researching the best way to teach kids, which topics help most with inner growth and the WHY behind these topics. 


We’ve done the research, read 100’s of personal development and child development books, read 100’s of articles and videos by experts, and have translated it into a fun, kid-friendly way.


We want to share what we have learned with you. We want all the parents of the world to understand why this is so important! We also want to give you helpful tips to kickstart your journey with developing your kids inner growth TODAY!


Join us for a FREE virtual workshop where we will share everything we have learned and why we think this is so important for all the world’s parents to know!


We believe this is how, we as parents, can change the world - one child at a time!


Join us for a FREE Virtual Workshop where you will get:


Insights into Research, Science & Expert Advice on WHY Inner Growth is so important for our kids.


Tools & Tips so you can start working on this today!


Free access to over 40 activities you can do with your kids in just 10 minutes.


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Once you sign up, you can expect to hear from us within a week with details on the workshop (date, time, link to join).

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