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Planting Seeds of “Pomegranate” 

Have you guys ever peeled a pomegranate?  It had been years since I had done it even though we are big pomegranate fans. My in-laws have a tree in their backyard and my sweet Mother-In-Law would peel them when bringing them over or my husband would do it…lucky me :) The other day a friend asked if I peel pomegranate’s and my husband quickly said “No”. At which point my inner dialogue went something like this: Hey wait a second….I can….I mean I haven’t in a long time but I have…. I wouldn’t mind but someone always.... That was it. I was determined to peel my own pomegranate.  So this week, I sat down with 3 pomegranates. Yes, I wasn’t messing around! I was peeling it while my oldest daughter was finishing up lunch. I looked at the pomegranate on the outside and it was cracked and parts were yellow and some brown and there were various marks. I wondered if it was even good on the inside because they had been sitting around. Honestly, I didn’t even know how to get started and my 7 year old said “mamma, I know what you are supposed to do. I have seen dadi (grandma) do it many times. Cut the top and bottom off, not too much and not too little. Then cut all around the pomegranate but not all the way through and snap it open.” Ahhhh, I was filled with Gratitude that my kids have their grandparents in their lives and Pride that she has been paying attention to how grandma does it and Humility for having no clue on where to start & having her guide me :) When I cracked that baby open, I was AMAZED!!! I was reminded of how absolutely incredible a pomegranate is. Despite the marks and cracks and brown and yellow on the outside, it was absolutely beautiful and perfect on the inside.  I said out loud “WOW, I can’t believe how beautiful and perfect this is.” If my daughter was thinking “Where you been mamma,” she didn’t say it out loud. Haha! I said “Isn’t it interesting that we might think from the outside that it’s not perfect because of the marks and discoloration and cracks but it is absolutely beautiful and perfect on the inside?” My daughter said “I know!!!” in excitement.  Then not knowing if she would actually make the connection, I asked “What does that remind you of?” She said “us…” Sigh……. Give me a minute while I put all the pieces together of my heart that burst into tiny sparkly pieces. We then enjoyed the “fruit” of the time and effort we have been putting in talking about WHO we truly are.

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